DivotMat Starter Set

The DivotMat Starter Set comes with everything you need to improve your game.  Instructional DVD's, DivotMat Strike Sheets, The Divotmat Pad and a DivotMat bag to keep it all together.

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For All LevelS Of Golfers

• Beginners •

DivotMat helps beginners get started by giving instant and accurate visual feedback of where and how their club is striking the ball.

• Seasoned Golfers •

Muscle Memory is key when trying to repeat an effective swing. Instant visual feedback makes practice more productive.

• Expert Golfers •

With DivotMat learn to "Work" the ball by shaping the shots left, right and working on the ever-important eye-hand coordination as shot makers

DivotMat Refill Sheets

The DivotMat refill pack.  A pack of 36 Strike Sheets ready for you to continue your practice and improve your game.

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The DivotMat is easy to pack up and take to the range, your backyard, maybe even the office. It's mobility and accuracy make this product one you will be happy to have in your arsenal. This is a tool and not magic, so you will have to Practice.

The DivotMat is the only product on the market that lets you see where you're striking the ball and allows you to make corrections instantly.  See your strike marks on the patented DivotMat Strike Sheets. Are you hitting to the left, the right, too far behind or even ahead of the ball?  Get instant feedback and work on your approach, on your time, anywhere. 

DivotMat is your Fastest way to Scratch Golf. This product allows you to identify your swing flaws instantly and correct them immediately. From Beginner to Pro, Student to Instructor, you will be able to practice anywhere and improve your Golf game the DivotMat way.