December 22, 2014
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  • By using the DivotMat™, they can tell if they’re coming over the top of it or too far inside and hooking the ball.  You can also tell if you’re too steep or too shallow and with the DivotMat™ you are able to correct these issues immediately.

    Joe LaCava
    Joe LaCava Tiger Woods’ Caddie
  • I think we've got a little thing for all these guys to try called the DivotMat™. The DivotMat™ gives you a path because of the balls, and how you hit into the ball, if you're club face is open or you're coming across it, it has a mark that shows you.

    Fred Couples
    Fred CouplesProfessional Golfer

DivotMat is the result of over 7 years of testing and refinement.

Working with industry professionals we have developed an easy to use intuitive, patented system to show you exactly how you hit the golf ball with every swing.

By working closely with paper manufacturers, printing specialists and PGA Tour Professionals such as Fred Couples and PGA Instructors such as Laird Small with Pebble Beach Golf Academy, we have created a revolutionary product that works for beginners through advanced golfers.

For best results, place the DivotMat™ on a soft surface such as a DivotPad™, driving mat, or carpet and attach an image sheet to the convenient, pre-attached adhesive strip. Take your iron, address one of the ball images and swing away. The rubber base absorbs the force of your swing while the image sheet records exactly how and where you are striking the ball. Once you know what you are doing wrong, it’s easy to make the corrections for better ball contact and improve your game.


The DivotMat™ provides immediate feedback on your swing. Taking this feedback and utilizing tips from Laird Small on the DVD you can begin to correct your swing flaws.

Ball Striking

PGA Professional Fred Couples has always been known as a good ball striker and extremely accurate when going for the green. The DivotMat™ will help you to consistently make crisper shots and improve your ball striking and accuracy when hitting your irons.


Since the DivotMat™ can be used almost anywhere without hitting a ball, you will be able to get in more practice sessions and finish more quickly. Your practice sessions will now be much more informative and cost-effective.


The DivotMat™ will help you to groove a good swing. By practicing with the DivotMat™, you will develop better muscle memory and stay flexible between rounds on the golf course.

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